What Are Dentures and Do I Need Them?

Dentist with Dentures in North Miami

A denture is an oral appliance that supports the jaws and mouth and replaces missing teeth. This dental device is usually made of plastic, porcelain, or a mix. If you need a quick and straightforward way to replace missing teeth, you can do this with dentures in North Miami.  

Dentist with Dentures in North MiamiFacts About Dentures

Different Types of Dentures

If you’re worried about your teeth not getting the proper treatment, there are a lot of dentures to choose from. While the majority of these dental devices are constructed using acrylic and can be made in various methods. Here are some of the different types of dentures to help you choose.  

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are made to replace a whole arch of teeth and are usually what dentists recommend to patients with several missing teeth. They often sit on top of the gums and are typically placed within 8-12 weeks after the teeth have been removed/extracted. If you have several missing teeth, you might need traditional dentures.  

Implant Supported Dentures

This type of denture is securely supported with an implant. While most dentures can be removed at any time, implant-supported dentures are secured in place. Just like traditional implants, this dental device looks and feels like natural teeth.  

Other Types of Dentures

  • Partial dentures 
  • Custom dentures  
  • Immediate dentures  
  • Snap-in dentures 

Maintaining Your Dentures

To maintain a proper jaw alignment over time, your dentures might need to be altered or replaced. Due to your missing teeth, the bone and gum ridges may diminish over time, slowly modifying how your dentures fit. Denture wearers should still have regular dental checkups since we examine the oral tissues for disease or changes.  

illustration of Dentures in North MiamiAre You Looking to Get Dentures in North Miami?

Dentures are a handy way for people who want to restore their smiles. At Biscayne Dental Center, our team can provide the fitting dentures you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this dental device!