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Complete and partial dentures are designed as replacements for missing teeth as well as the tissue that surrounds it. Biscayne Dental Center offers cosmetic dentistry that includes the development and installation of complete and partial dentures that match the aesthetics of the natural teeth you have always wanted. Although not the solution for everyone, dentures can be a great choice for those who need replacements for missing teeth as well as improvements in oral aesthetics.

Conventional, complete dentures are implemented in a multi-step process that result in an entirely new smile. Partial dentures, however, fill in gaps where teeth are missing or where teeth need to be pulled. With either choice, it is essential to select a dental practice that is able to perform all functions of denture installment in one place.

There are a variety of reasons to seek out dentures. Below are a few of the reasons that some choose to install dentures:

  • Need for increased chewing abilities
  • Speech issue correction
  • Proper digestion
  • Complete loss of teeth in an arch
  • Loss of a couple of teeth in a single arch
  • Enhancing smile aesthetics
  • Correcting facial tissue placement


Dentures are capable of not only replacing bad teeth, but of correcting many issues related to the loss of teeth. Individuals who are missing several teeth often experience a shifting and moving set of teeth that can further damage oral health. With dentures and partial dentures, it is possible to effectively replace missing teeth and avoid any such shifting or moving of remaining teeth.

Practices like Biscayne Dental Center are able to create complete and partial dentures that match the shape, size, and color decided upon through a relationship between the client and the dental professional. With multiple appointments after teeth are pulled, dentures can completely match the desires of the individual.


Obtaining a complete set of dentures, or partial dentures, requires several appointments across multiple weeks. The first step in the process is the pulling of teeth or partial teeth that need to be removed. Once this has occurred, the gums must completely heal in order to properly install dentures. Healing usually takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks, but temporary dentures can be installed in order to allow for normally eating and speaking to occur.

Once the gums are fully healed, extremely detailed impressions are taken in order to create custom dentures. Normally, appointments are made weeks apart to continue to measure and fit dentures properly. At the final stage, dentures will be placed into the mouth to fit and move as naturally as possible.

After dentures are created, installed, and properly situated, the staff here at Biscayne Dental Center educates clients in the proper care of their dentures. Good oral hygiene is still quite important for those with both complete and partial dentures. Cleaning the dental appliance consistently is absolutely vital in maintaining a new smile. With consistent and regular visits to our office, dentures can improve a smile for years.

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