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30+ years of experience combined, top cosmetic
dentists in North Miami and Aventura.

Cosmetic dentistry provides better overall oral health that improves confidence and helps establish a natural, beautiful smile. At Biscayne Dental Center, we provide multi-specialty dental services to meet every oral health and cosmetic need. Brighter, whiter smiles and straighter, healthier teeth are vital to portraying a successful, attractive appearance. Even the psychological stability and self-confidence of individuals is improved through successful and carefully approached cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry at Biscayne Dental Center benefits from a multi-specialty practice that is capable of completing comprehensive dental improvements under one roof.

From bridges and crowns to veneers and more, the dentists and staff here are dedicated to improving the smile of each patient. Using the latest technologies and practices, cosmetic dentistry at our practice creates attractive smiles that last.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You can design your smile with the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry. Our staff is up-to-date on all the latest technologies and techniques in the field, and we’re here to make sure you put your best smile forward.


There’s no substitute for the best. Invisalign has been offering people a noninvasive way to straighten their teeth for years, perfecting and streamlining the process. Efficient and painless, Invisalign is the answer to braces. Visit us for a consultation to determine the best treatment options for you.

Teeth Whitening

If you’ve tried it all and are now ready for a powerful and lasting way to achieve a bright smile, we offer full-service teeth whitening treatments. Safe and effective, the methods we use will instantly whiten your teeth and leave you with a more youthful appearance.

Crowns & Veneers

Crowns and veneers offer a complete overhaul of damaged or troublesome teeth. This option will improve uneven or damaged teeth and leave you with a beautiful new smile. Call today for a consultation to learn more about this cosmetic option.


Orthodontics are the best way to achieve straight teeth and correct alignment issues in your mouth. We offer complete orthodontic services and will work with you from start to finish to provide you with the smile you’ve always wanted.


Lumineers provide a less invasive solution to restoring your smile than veneers. They are custom-fitted to your teeth and will provide you with the look and feel of perfect teeth without the invasiveness of other methods. Contact us today to determine if lumineers are right for you.