Can I Play Sports with Braces?

skateboarder with Orthodontics Aventura

So you just got braces – congrats on taking the first step toward a straighter smile with orthodontics in Aventura! But with that excitement might come some worry, especially if you’re an active athlete. Can you still play your favorite sports with braces?

The answer is yes! However, a few precautions can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both your smile and your game. 

Girl playing tennis with Orthodontics Aventura

Protecting Your Smile

The biggest concern with braces and sports is the risk of injury to your mouth. A blow to the face can damage your teeth, braces, or jaw. Here’s where your best friend comes in: the mouthguard. A properly fitted mouthguard custom-made by your orthodontist acts as a shield, absorbing impact and minimizing damage. 

High-Contact Sports vs. Low-Impact

Not all sports are created equal when it comes to braces. High-contact sports like football, hockey, or basketball pose a higher risk of injury. If these are your passions, talk to your orthodontist about extra protective gear like a full-face mask. 

On the other hand, swimming, running, or gymnastics are generally safe with braces. Just remember, any activity with a risk of falling requires caution.

Maintaining Your Game and Your Braces 

Braces might require some adjustments to your sports routine. Be mindful of potential discomfort, especially after adjustments, and take breaks when needed. Inform your coach about your braces and any limitations you might have.

Keeping your braces clean is also important. Food particles can get trapped in the brackets, so be sure to brush and floss carefully after practices and games. 

surfer with Orthodontics in Aventura

Orthodontics in Aventura and Sports: A Winning Combination

With a little planning and the right protection, braces won’t hold you back on the field or court. In fact, a confident smile can be a powerful boost to your performance! Ready to score a winning smile without missing a beat? Biscayne Dental Center offers expert orthodontic care to keep you safe and smiling throughout your treatment. Schedule a consultation today.