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North Miami Dental implants

At Biscayne Dental Center offer a stable base for tooth replacements that provide a completely natural aesthetic. Our dental implants are implemented by our team of specialists to create a more permanent fix for missing teeth, gaps, and a range oral health issues. If you have lost teeth and experience a loss of confidence and a need to hide your smile, dental implants at Biscayne Dental Center can help restore a healthy smile.

Dental implants have improved as technology has developed. With the advent of titanium posts for securing dental implants, patients receive a more permanent fix for any amount of missing teeth. Implants are also utilized in order to maintain facial structure to aid in preventing bone deterioration associated with completely missing teeth.


Tested and proven through scientific researchDental implants at Biscayne Dental Center provide a wide range of benefits to individual client needs. The ability to change the aesthetics of a smile and create a more reliable oral structure makes dental implants a tempting procedure for any in need of teeth replacement.There are a variety of benefits provided by choosing dental implant in North Miami Beach. Below are listed several of the benefits you can expect from choosing these types of procedures.

  • Reduction of pain while eating or talking
  • Osseointegration (actual bonding to the jaw bone)
  • Attractive and close to real tooth aesthetics
  • A wide range of options to meet individualized needs


Dental implants are actually small posts made of titanium that are secured to the jawbone. This process does take several months, as the jawbone bonds to the titanium posts to create an incredibly durable, natural base for the addition of teeth. Each post is placed into the mouth surgically through researched and educated processes. After the dental surgery, individuals must wait approximately three to six months for complete bonding to occur.

Once the bonding is completed, the actual denture and/or bridgework design is completed. This design is staggered from the bonding in order to ensure a more functional and attractive dental implant in North Miami. After healing occurs from the first procedure, our specialists uncover the implants in order to install healing collars. Next, impressions are taken in order to begin the process of actually designing the implants. Healing and installation of the implants usually takes just six to eight months in total without drastically affecting daily life.


If you have lost even one permanent tooth, it is essential to seek out examinations and analysis on whether implants are right for you. Those with poor oral health and lacking bone structure are likely to need other services before ever seeking a dental implant in North Miami Beach. For many, however, implants are vital in restoring a confident smile. Even more importantly, gaps in teeth from loss of teeth can also lead to other oral health problems.

Dental implants are designed to provide an entirely new oral landscape for individuals missing teeth or who need reconstructive oral surgery. Biscayne Dental Center is a multi-specialty dental practice in South Florida dedicated to installing beautiful implants to create a healthy, more attractive smile.

You’re probably asking yourself “Where can I find dental implants near me?” We’re here to answer that question for you.

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