Treatment for Enamel Hypoplasia

Who is the best North Miami Dentist?

Do you notice any defects or discolorations in your kid’s teeth? What you may be noticing is enamel hypoplasia. It is a dental disorder that shows a reduction in the quantity of enamel. It may appear as a missing or chipped part on your child’s teeth. Likewise, a North Miami dentist will conclude that your kid has enamel hypoplasia when the teeth appear to have grooves, pits, yellow to brown stains, or white spots.

Who is the best North Miami Dentist?

Can Enamel Hypoplasia be Treated?

Enamel Strengthening

The best and simplest way to treat enamel hypoplasia is to strengthen the enamel. Always remember that teeth with weak enamel are highly susceptible to decay. Thus, it’s imperative that your teeth be protected against cavity-causing bacteria that will erode the enamel. Aside from regular brushing and flossing, ways to strengthen teeth enamel include the following:

  • Teeth bleaching to even out differences in tooth color
  • Dental crowns to repaid affected tooth
  • Get dental caps that may protect your teeth
  • Use of fluoride to thoroughly clean the teeth

Professional Treatment

Enamel hypoplasia treatments mostly depend on the degree of condition a patient has. For milder conditions, dentists would advise that special attention to the affected tooth and regular dental maintenance are enough to treat enamel hypoplasia. However, severe cases may require more treatments. For instance, dental cleaning, scaling, and other cosmetic treatments may whiten and clean the affected area. There are also times when dental crown, filling, or sealant is recommended.

Difference between Dentin and Enamel

Enamel is the outside layer of your teeth and should have a bit of translucent and bluish-white color. Underneath the enamel is your dentin, which a natural yellow color and made of hard tissue. Also, if you look at your teeth, they should have a bit of yellow color since the dentin’s color should be slightly visible through a translucent layer of your enamel.

Who is the best North Miami Dentist?

Enamel Hypoplasia Treatment by a North Miami Dentist

Consistent and good dental hygiene at home coupled with a regular dental appointment is important to protect teeth from future dental problems. At Biscayne Dental Center, we will help you and your kid create a dental plan to keep your smile strong and healthy.