Enamel Hypoplasia and Its Causes

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Enamel is currently found to be the strongest substance found in the entire body. However, some may suffer from a disorder where their enamel is not as tough as the average person. As explained by an Aventura dentist, enamel hypoplasia is a lifelong illness or disorder.

It may be treated through various dental solutions such as tooth extractions, crowns, and fillings. But to deal with this dental problem, you need to determine the cause of the enamel deficiency and how it works.

Where can I find an Aventura Dentist?

Understanding Enamel Hypoplasia

What is it?

Enamel hypoplasia is a dental disorder caused by an enamel deficiency. It often makes your teeth vulnerable to cavities, decay, and damage. This dental disorder also takes the form of lines, pits, or grooves within the teeth. Furthermore, it may also be found in certain spots while others are across the surface of your tooth.

It is difficult to say what enamel hypoplasia would look like because each situation is unique, and the severity would depend on the stage of the condition. If enamel deficiency is at an early stage, it may look like a tiny dent in your tooth. However, if the condition has been there for several years and is not treated, these small dents may be more noticeable and take up most of your teeth.

When Does it Occur?

Typically, enamel hypoplasia would develop within a child’s first three years of life. However, it may also occur in adult teeth if it was caused by a variety of environmental factors.

What are the Causes?

Causes of enamel hypoplasia may be categorized into two – hereditary and environmental. An Aventura dentist says hereditary enamel hypoplasia will affect both baby and adult teeth. As soon as your baby teeth come out, your teeth’s enamel will undergo 3 critical developmental phases – formation, mineralization, and maturation. Hereditary enamel hypoplasia occurs when one of the phases is missing.

On the other hand, environmental enamel hypoplasia is caused by a variety of factors. It may be due to infections that lead to prolonged vomiting or diarrhea, low birth weight, birth injury, prematurity, prolonged delivery, viral infections, or vitamin deficiencies.

Where can I find an Aventura Dentist?

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