Know Your Orthodontic Options  

woman showing her orthodontics in Aventura

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, your orthodontist will likely recommend you get braces. Fortunately, you have options for orthodontics in Aventura, and you’ll never have to worry about your smile. We prepared some valuable information for you to give you a slight idea of what you can expect. 

woman with orthodontics from Aventura holding an appleWhat You Need to Know About Braces

You Will Feel Some Discomfort

One thing you should expect for your braces is that they’ll cause some discomfort after an adjustment. Also, when you get braces for the first time, it may even feel awkward to speak. 

However, these feelings are only temporary, and they actually mean the treatment is working. The more your mouth gets used to the presence of your braces, the more comfortable your braces become.  

Soft-food Diet

If you love food, you may feel a bit hurt once your orthodontist tells you that you’ll need to undergo a soft-food diet. Though it’s only for a few weeks, you may still find it challenging and lonely to avoid some food varieties.  

You should also avoid hard and sticky foods throughout the duration of your treatment. 


pretty girl happy with her orthodontics in AventuraDo You Have More Questions About Orthodontics in Aventura?

If you have questions, it’s best to ask them before agreeing on any orthodontic options presented to you. But no worries, because Biscayne Dental Center is here to answer your queries. We have skilled and dedicated dental professionals waiting for you to reach out. All you need to do is make an appointment and we’ll be happy to help.