Biscayne Boulevard Dentist | Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

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When you have sensitive teeth, you will experience pain when eating hot or cold food or beverages. But what is causing this kind of sensitivity? Below are three reasons your teeth are experiencing sensitivity. If you are in need of a Biscayne Boulevard Dentist, contact our office today!


You Are Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

Some patients think the harder they brush, the more thoroughly cleaned their teeth will be. However, brushing aggressively can do more harm than good. In fact, brushing too hard can break down the protective layer of your teeth and cause sensitivity when you drink certain beverages or eat certain foods.


You Have a Bad Habit of Grinding Your Teeth

If you grind your teeth at night, you run the risk of breaking down or damaging your enamel. In order to avoid this potential damage or further sensitivity, invest in a customized night guard that you can sleep in.


Your Diet Consists of Too Many Acidic Foods

Does your diet consist of a plethora of acidic foods? These types of foods will make your sensitivity worse. Avoid highly acidic foods like soda and citrus in order to avoid pain and discomfort.


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