Water Pick vs. Floss: Which Is Better?

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You may be wondering what method works best for cleaning between your teeth, dental floss, or a water flosser? Maintaining a healthy mouth between visits to your North Miami dentist requires brushing twice a day AND cleaning between your teeth daily. 

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What Gets Your Mouth The Cleanest?

Dental Floss or A Water Pick?

For the best oral hygiene with the cleanest teeth and freshest mouth use BOTH a water pick and dental floss. They work in different ways to remove plaque from between teeth and gums and for the best results get the benefits of both.  

  • Dental Floss

  • Flossing works by physically scraping plaque and trapping debris from the sides of the teeth even under the gums.  
  • Is the oldest and still the best method for removing plaque film from the tooth surface before it hardens into cavity and gum disease-causing tartar.  
  • Available in many varieties and flavors. Waxed floss and floss tape slide into tight spaces more easily and some people find floss holders or floss picks easier to handle. 
  • Water Pick

  • A water pick, also known as water flosser or oral irrigator, uses a tight jet of water to flush plaque-forming bacteria and food particles from between your teeth and under the gums. 
  • Available in cordless, water-resistant, travel, or countertop models with additional options such as variable pressure settings, pulses, and changeable tips.   

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Daily use of both a water pick and dental floss along with brushing twice a day, keeps your mouth the healthiest between professional cleanings. Contact Biscayne Dental Center now and schedule your next dental cleaning in North Miami.