Zygomatic Implants and Why They’re a Great Treatment

where can i get dental implants in north miami?

Zygomatic dental implants in North Miami are an amazing treatment for patients who need dental implants but don’t have enough bone density in the jawbone. This dental procedure eliminates the need for bone augmentation or bone grafting. Below are the basic facts you need to know before getting zygomatic implants.

where can i get dental implants in north miami?

Zygomatic Implants and Regular Implants

What Are Zygomatic Implants?

This type of implant is attached or embedded into the cheekbone or zygomatic bone. Several dentists use this treatment as a dental rehabilitation process in patients who lack the required bone density.

They are often combined with regular implants in the front portion of your jaw and inserted into the back area from within your mouth.

When performed by an experienced dentist or specialist surgeon, zygomatic dental implants are safe and reliable. If you’re concerned about whether the treatment will be painful or not, don’t be! Before the surgery begins, you can be placed under anesthesia to prevent any pain or discomfort.

Who Are Good Candidates for Zygomatic Implants?

This type of dental implant is recommended for patients who have insufficient bone in the upper jaws. Zygomatic dental implants are also performed on patients who don’t want to undergo bone grafting or a bone augmentation procedure.

where can i get dental implants in north miami?

Difference Between Zygomatic Implants and Regular Dental Implants in North Miami

Regular dental implants, when compared to zygomatic implants, are considerably shorter. The latter is inserted through the mouth, but it differs from regular implants in such a way that it is anchored into the zygomatic bone instead of the alveolar bone.

If you want to know more about zygomatic dental implants, please book an appointment with our friendly staff at Biscayne Dental Center. Our dentist will be glad to talk about the possible treatments that will best suit your dental concern!