When Do You Need to See an Endodontist? 

an Endodontist in North Miami reviewing a patient's dental x-ray

Any pain, whether severe or mild, can affect your life in numerous  ways. That’s why many people, especially those who suffer from toothache, look for ways to manage their discomfort and find immediate relief. While painkillers can be helpful, only an endodontist in North Miami offers a permanent solution to the problem.

Besides being fully aware of the painful plight of chronic toothache, an endodontist is also an expert in pain management. When your problematic tooth interferes with your everyday life, an endodontist can help diagnose and treat it.  Here are some things you need to know before seeing an endodontic specialist.

a woman with a toothache needing to see an Endodontist in North MiamiEverything You Need to Know About Endodontists

What Is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dental specialist who manages, diagnoses, and treats anything related to tooth pain and infection. They also specialize in treating problems involving the inside of the tooth called the tooth pulp.

When Should I See One?

It’s best to see an endodontist when you experience pain and discomfort in and around your teeth. You should also visit them when you experience severe dental sensitivity due to chipped, cracked or damaged teeth.

What Procedures Does an Endodontist Handle?

An endodontist specializes in root canal procedures to save an infected or decayed tooth. Furthermore, root canal procedures address issues related to the tooth pulp by completely removing the nerves and permanently sealing the tooth.  Endodontists can also handle cases involving a tooth abscess, a painful pocket of pus that can occur at the tip or the side of the tooth’s root.

an Endodontist in North Miami talking about endodontic care to a female patientLooking for a Reliable Endodontist in North Miami?

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