What Happens When You Get Dentures?

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While getting dentures might be an easy procedure, it’s not without its share of difficulties. For instance, getting dentures in North Miami might be uncomfortable for the first few weeks of wearing them. Fortunately, as your mouth gets progressively used to your dentures, you won’t have to worry about the pain and discomfort. 

Dentures are an excellent tooth replacement option if you’ve lost some or all of your teeth. However, as a new device, you’ll have to worry about some uncomfortable sensations in your mouth. To help you identify what these are, here’s what happens to your mouth when you get dentures.

Model of Dentures in North Miami What to Expect With Dentures

Difficulties When Eating

Eating with dentures might be challenging for the first few days after getting them. One of the most common problems that patients experience is difficulties in swallowing. For your first few days, we advise that you eat soft meals like soup, egg dishes, and soft fruits. To make food easier to chew, you can cut it into bite-sized pieces.   

Mouth Sores

After receiving your new dentures, don’t be alarmed if you develop mouth sores. Mouth sores are common in patients who have just gotten their dentures or braces. Make sure to inform your dentist about the sore locations if you happen to experience them in the following days.  

Difficulty in Speaking

Another problem you might face when getting dentures is having difficulties when speaking. While this might be a problem at first, after a few days of wearing them, you’ll be able to talk correctly. Keep it slow and steady when wearing your dentures since this device will be essential to your everyday activities.

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