Tips To Prevent Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Where can I find a North Miami Dentist?

A tooth that is cracked or chipped deep enough will result in pain and discomfort. The appearance of your tooth may also cause you to feel slightly self-conscious when you smile or speak. Therefore, consider these tips suggested by a North Miami dentist to reduce the risk of cracking or chipping your teeth.

Where can I find a North Miami Dentist?

How Can You Decrease Your Chances of Cracking or Chipping Your Teeth?

Take Your Vitamins

According to a North Miami dentist, teeth undergo a remineralization process. This is a natural process that happens daily to repair any damaged enamel. Because of this, it’s important that you have an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals in your body. The common vitamins that help improve healthy teeth are vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D.

Treat Teeth Clenching or Grinding

If you’re diagnosed with bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, you can damage your teeth’s enamel in just a couple of years. Therefore, as soon as you’re diagnosed, it’s imperative that you get it treated. The treatment may involve orthodontics or even just mouthguards to wear at night. Furthermore, grinding is typically brought on by outside stress in daily life, so establishing a healthy nighttime routine may be beneficial.

Never Open Items Using your Teeth

Your teeth’s purpose is not to open a bottle of soda or tear open a package. Teeth are meant for chewing and eating, not for opening things. Despite the hassle of grabbing a pair of scissors, opening hard objects with these tools can prevent cracking or chipping your teeth.

Aside from opening items and packages, chewing hard candy or ice should also be avoided. While your teeth are strong enough to bite down on hard candy and ice, this repeated action can do a lot of damage.

Limit Sugary or Acidic Food and Beverages

Every North Miami dentist will emphasize that foods and beverages with high acidity or sugar levels can weaken a tooth’s enamel. Examples of foods and beverages you need to avoid are:

  • tomatoes or tomato-based products
  • wine
  • limes
  • lemons
  • oranges
  • candies
  • cakes

Where can I find a North Miami Dentist?

More Tips from a North Miami Dentist

Avoid cracking your tooth and practice these easy methods of tooth safety! If you have a chipped tooth and need to find a quality dentist to take a look, contact Biscayne Dental Center to make an appointment!