Teeth Whitening Aventura | The Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening Aventura?

There are many reasons why your teeth have become yellow or discolored. It could be because of your love of coffee, wine or tea, or because you don’t brush your teeth as regularly as you should. The important thing is you can reverse it through teeth whitening Aventura.

Teeth whitening treatments are insanely popular. In fact, you can even buy DIY teeth whitening kits over the counter. But be warned: not all DIY teeth whitening options are safe for your teeth. You should only trust a licensed dentist to perform a professional teeth whitening treatment. Here are the dangers of DIY teeth whitening:

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are tempting because they are easy to get in stores. Unfortunately, teeth whitening strips are often unreliable, and the bleach they contain can damage your teeth.

Ultraviolet Kits

A lot of ads claim that DIY UV teeth whitening kits are safe to use. However, studies show otherwise. Research shows that UV kits cause mouth infection, nerve damage, stomach problems and toothache. They may also cause white patches on your teeth.

Baking Soda Toothpaste

Toothpaste that contains bicarbonate can be effective in whitening teeth, but baking soda toothpaste can also be rough on your tooth enamel. Using this toothpaste repeatedly will weaken your teeth and put you at risk for dental cavities.

Where can I find Teeth Whitening Aventura?

Do You Need Teeth Whitening Aventura Treatment?

The safest and most effective way to whiten your teeth is by seeing a cosmetic dentist for a professional teeth whitening Aventura treatment. Our team at Biscayne Dental Center is committed to providing excellent patient care. If you want to improve your dental health, contact our office today!