Reasons Why You Need to See a Periodontist  

woman who should see a periodontist in North Miami for her gum issues

More often, people only put focus on their teeth and forget that their gums need proper care, too. If you want to ensure that your dental health is in good shape, you must keep your gums healthy. Many people visit their dentists, but only a few take the time to see a periodontist in North Miami.  

But how do you know if you need a periodontist instead of a general dentist?  

bleeding gums - a sign to see a periodontist in North MiamiWhen Should You See a Periodontist?

Bleeding Gums

Do your gums bleed persistently after you brush or floss your teeth? Bleeding gums occur during the early stages of gum disease. They often indicate that there’s excessive plaque buildup irritating and inflaming your gums. 

Persistent Bad Breath

It’s easy to understand why your breath stinks after eating garlic or onion. However, if your breath still smells foul even after you brush your teeth, it’s already a different story.   

Ongoing lousy breath means bacteria are harboring in your mouth, specifically in your gums. You wouldn’t want to ruin a wonderful day because of your bad breath 

Sensitive Teeth

If it hurts too much when you eat something cold or hot, you may have an underlying periodontal disease. Your teeth become too sensitive because gum disease makes your teeth more vulnerable by exposing them to their roots.  

woman who should see a periodontist in North Miami because of sensitive teethDo You Need to See a Periodontist in North Miami?

If you notice any of the gum disease symptoms mentioned above, there’s no need to worry. Biscayne Dental Center is here to help you get rid of your dental issues, including periodontal disease. Our skilled and knowledgeable periodontist team is very welcoming and will always be glad to help you out.   

All you need to do is make an appointment!