Orthodontic Treatment Options to Consider

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Do you need braces? Veneers? Or maybe dentures? Orthodontic treatments are one of the most important and sought-after treatments in dentistry. Since there are plenty of devices to choose from, your teeth’s quality, condition, and severity will determine the most suitable treatment for you. Orthodontics in Aventura can offer you a variety of alternatives for managing your teeth.  

While your dentist may suggest one or more treatment options, you must ultimately decide which device is best for your condition. To help you choose a suitable orthodontic device, here are the top choices that most orthodontists prescribe to their patients.   

Illustration of Orthodontics in AventuraMost Recommended Orthodontic Devices


Veneers are thin porcelain coatings that are carefully placed on your teeth to restore and reshape your smile. Porcelain, dental cement, and resin composites are among the materials used to create the shells that protect your teeth. Dental veneers are a great option to consider if your teeth have plenty of cracks, cavities, and discoloration.  


Fixed retainers and detachable retainers are the two types of retainers available. These orthodontic tools hold your teeth in their new positions while bone tissue rebuilds around them. Patients undergoing active orthodontic treatment may need to wear this device for up to six months after their braces come off.   


One of the most widely used orthodontic devices for crooked and misaligned teeth is still in use today. This device produces the best result of the other orthodontic tools in the market, which is why they’re frequently utilized in dentistry. Braces can help restore your smile in just a few months if you have crooked or mismatched teeth.  

Clear Aligners

If you don’t like braces, clear aligners may be the solution. This popular orthodontic device is frequently prescribed to individuals who cannot wear braces due to unavoidable circumstances. Like braces, these aligners straighten misaligned and crooked teeth. The only difference is that this transparent aligner can be removed at any moment.  

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