Orthodontic Issues Patients Often Encounter

Orthodontics treatment Aventura

Malocclusions, irregularities of the jaw, and crooked teeth call for immediate orthodontic treatment to help maintain your dental wellness. Learning about orthodontics in Aventura can help you attain a better, more radiant smile, which has various benefits. Here’s a list of typical orthodontic issues so you can learn more about the different orthodontic problems and how to treat them.  

Orthodontics treatment Aventura

Orthodontic Issues You Should Know


Tooth crowding is one of the most common orthodontic problems. Because crowded teeth are harder to keep clean than straight teeth, patients with overcrowded teeth may feel self-conscious about their smiles and may also develop gum problems. Corrective braces are one of the best treatments for crowded teeth.  

Uneven Teeth  

Teeth can be spaced apart in some parts of the mouth. Gaps in the teeth are thought to have developed due to early childhood behaviors such as thumb or finger sucking or tongue thrusting. You may close the gaps between your teeth with orthodontic tools like braces and aligners. 


Too much horizontal (front-to-back) overlap between the top and bottom teeth is called an overbite. This orthodontic issue is frequently brought on by an unbalanced jawbone where the upper jaw protrudes more than the lower jaw. Additionally, the position of the teeth within the jawbone may contribute to it, whether this is directly related to a practice like thumb-sucking or is only a result of how your teeth are formed (genetics).  


An underbite occurs when the lower jaw and teeth protrude over the upper teeth. It’s a complicated oral health problem to treat that’s frequently inherited rather than developed. With continued use, braces may help correct underbite issues.   

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Dental devices can help manage and improve oral health issues with proper orthodontic care. At Biscayne Dental Center, our team can provide you with a suitable orthodontic appliance for your oral health problems. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment!