What You Should Know About Yellow Teeth

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If you’re asked what color you think healthy teeth should have, you will probably say that it should be as white as a pearl. Well, your answer should be more than if you want to dive into the facts. An esteemed North Miami dentist has these dental details to provide.

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Yellow Teeth is Not That Bad

What’s the Deal with Dentin and Enamel?

If you want to have healthy teeth, it’s essential to have a little knowledge about various layers of a tooth. Enamel is the outside layer of your teeth and should have a bit of translucent and bluish-white color. Underneath the enamel is your dentin, which a natural yellow color and made of hard tissue. Hence, if you look at your teeth, it should have a bit of yellow color because, according to North Miami dentist, the dentin’s color should be slightly visible through a translucent layer of your enamel.

Yellow is Not the End of the World

If your teeth’s color is yellowish-white or off-white, it doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s unhealthy – that could even be a sign of healthy teeth. As what most people would perceive, individuals with white teeth like piano keys must have undergone teeth whitening. However, bear in mind that it is always important to see a dentist if you want to whiten your teeth either at-home remedies or through professional service.

Staining vs. Natural Teeth

Another essential matter to note is that not all yellow teeth are healthy. According to the statistics provided by a North Miami dentist, 70% of yellow teeth are found to be not healthy. Staining completely depends on the food you eat, the habits you have, and age. Aging process, specific foods and beverages, particular medications, tobacco products, and poor oral hygiene are the top causes of tooth yellowing or discoloration. Thus, if you think the yellow color comes from tartar or plaque buildup, your teeth are surely unhealthy.

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Brighten Your Smile with the Help of a North Miami Dentist

If you have unhealthy yellow teeth caused by the tooth mentioned above, discoloration causes, experts at Biscayne Dental Center can take a look at your condition and recommend only the best solution to address your concern. Schedule an appointment today!