Is Dental Anxiety Keeping You from The Dentist?

Endodontist North Miami trying to make a scared patient comfortable by explaining the procedure

Are you putting off seeing a dentist because of anxiety and fear? The best way to relieve dental anxiety is building trust with your dentist through regular care, maintaining healthy teeth and minimizing the need for invasive procedures. However, you may already be experiencing daily discomfort and living with the fear of a root canal or possible tooth loss. End your uncertainty and stop the pain with an endodontist in North Miami. 

patient scared of her Endodontist North MiamiWhat Is Causing Your Anxiety and Preventing You from Getting the Dental Care You Need?   

An estimated 75% of people experience dental anxiety and studies show that up to 20% of adults avoid going to the dentist for this very reason. Among the most common anxiety causing fears are: 

  • Fear of pain,  
  • Fear of tooth loss 
  • Fear of a botched procedure 

Your Fear is Misplaced

Wanting to avoid pain is normal, but you will be happy to know that most people report the discomfort felt before seeking root canal therapy far exceeds the treatment itself. The pain caused by a decaying tooth can be overwhelming while most people report root canal therapy is no more painful than having a filling placed.  

When Root Canal Might be Your Best Option

Tooth loss is scary and puts your smile at risk. Unfortunately, once the pulp inside a tooth is decayed the only real options are root canal therapy or tooth removal. Root canal therapy can save a natural tooth and 14 million people a year undergo the procedure to avoid tooth loss. 

Pick the Right Professional

Instead of living with pain because you fear a botched procedure, choose a highly trained Endodontist. Only about 3% of dentists are endodontists with the advanced education and training to save your tooth after decay and infection has set in. Choose an experienced and skilled endodontist and ensure you get the most comfortable and successful possible outcome.  

Endodontist North Miami performs root canal on patientAre You Ready to End the Pain and Stop Your Dental Anxiety? 

If you want to end your dental anxiety while saving your natural smile, schedule an appointment today with an endodontist in North Miami today at Biscayne Dental Center.