Why You Should Get Invisalign, Aside from Aesthetics

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Invisalign is a set of clear aligners. They are custom-fitted to your teeth to straighten your smile with improved comfort gradually, and it’s also removable to make brushing and to chew your favorite foods simple again. The common reason why people get Invisalign in North Miami is to have straight and good-looking teeth. However, there are several reasons why you need to get Invisalign. Below are a few of the many reasons.

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­4 Common Reasons for Getting Invisalign

Serves as a Protective Gear

Aside from aesthetics, getting Invisalign will allow you to have a double protection gear. This clear and removable aligner will help whiten and protect your teeth from unnecessary grinding when you’re asleep. It can even serve as a protective gear whenever you’re engaged in a low-impact sporting event such as lifting weights or mountain biking.

Secure and Efficient Dental Cleaning

Common knowledge dictates that straight or properly aligned teeth are more self-cleaning and self-maintaining. Hence, it is more efficient and more comfortable to brush and floss your teeth when you don’t have misaligned teeth.

Better Speech and Pronunciation

Few people only know that your ability to pronounce words properly can be significantly affected by the positioning of your teeth. For instance, if your upper front teeth are too long, it will lead to an open bit, which will make it difficult for you to pronounce certain words.

Better Than Traditional Braces

A lot of patients who had Invisalign can justify the fact that this is a far better alternative than traditional braces. It is completely clear. Your teeth can move more gradually. Inconveniences attributed by traditional braces are eliminated, no rubber bands to worry about, the aligners utilized are entirely removable, it’s more comfortable to brush and clean teeth, treatment takes less time than traditional braces. Eating is care-free due to removable aligners.

where is the best invisalign north miami?

Get Your Invisalign in North Miami Today!

Apart from those mentioned above, there are still a lot of benefits or advantages when it comes to Invisalign. It can fix the neck, jaw, and facial pain, as well as provide you with proper positioning of the lower and upper jaw. To know more, schedule an appointment today at Biscayne Dental Center!