How Have Braces Evolved?

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Did you know that braces date back to Ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian times? Back then, some braces worked, but they caused quite a bit of pain. Today, all braces, no matter what type – may it be traditional braces or Invisalign® in North Miami – work like a charm. Find out how braces evolved through the years.

Invisalign North Miami

Braces from Ancient to Modern Times

Ancient Orthodontics

While the Ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks have practiced orthodontics in one way or another, most of the methods and procedures used are far different from what we see today.

For instance, the design of braces used by Ancient Egyptians are completely different. The brackets and wires are larger and inflict more pain. Researchers say that physicians used to forcefully pull the teeth to their desired place using a crude tool and strapping the loose tooth to the adjacent ones.

Modern Orthodontics

Before modern orthodontics, the fear in kids and even in adults prevented them from turning to orthodontic care. Since braces and other orthodontic care are necessary to correct alignment issues, experts aimed to develop and enhance the design.

We now have traditional metal, ceramic, and lingual braces. The latest advancement is Invisalign. It is a transparent dental device that a patient can conveniently wear and remove. Adjustments are made every one to two weeks to guarantee that your teeth align accordingly. Although it may be uncomfortable during the first couple of days, your mouth can easily adjust to the pressure.

Invisalign North Miami

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