Dental Scaling and Root Planing for Gum Disease

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Dental scaling and root planing treatments are performed by a periodontist in North Miami on patients who were diagnosed to have sulcus pockets deeper than 3mm. This treatment is also used for individuals who have mild and serious symptoms of periodontal disease. However, the best way to figure out whether you need scaling and root planing is to ask a dental professional.

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Benefits and Procedures Involved in the Treatment

What Are Its Benefits?

For as long as you maintain excellent oral care after the treatment, the progression of periodontal disease should stop. Your gums will heal and regain their strength to support your teeth. Generally, the deep cleaning method included in this treatment is highly successful if the patient is diligent in complying with the aftercare tips.

Likewise, dental scaling can remove all of the hardened calculus and extensively polish your teeth to look cleaner and whiter. Aside from getting better gum health and clean teeth, this treatment also gives you fresher breath.

What Are the Procedures Involved?

Dental scaling involves the removal of hardened plaque, tartar, and other debris from your teeth and gum pockets. Your periodontist will clean your gum line to remove any build-ups that may soon cause inflammation and infection.

Once the deep cleaning is done, root planing will proceed. This is when your periodontist smoothens your root surfaces to allow your gums to properly get in contact or reconnect with your teeth. The ultimate goal of root planing is to remove tartar, toxins, and unwanted microorganisms from the surface of your dentin.

smiling periodontist north miami

See a Periodontist in North Miami

Gum disease by itself is a serious problem, but the condition can lead to complications with quite a few other health problems. To avoid this from happening, get a hold of our periodontist at Biscayne Dental Center!