Dental Implants Aventura | Basic Facts You Need to Know About Endosteal Implants

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There are several types of dental implants Aventura. The most commonly used types are subperiosteal and endosteal. In discussing the different types of dental implants, it is best to discuss it one at a time. Hence, this post will tackle the common facts about endosteal implants.

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What You Should Know About Endosteal Implants

What Is It?

When dental implants are placed in your jawbone as a synthetic root to stabilize an alternative tooth, these are known as endosteal dental implants. It is normally applied when there is a lost or missing tooth.

Are There Other Types of Endosteal Dental Implants?

Just like dental implants where it is composed of several types, endosteal implants also have other types applicable for each dental condition. Your dental professional will choose which type of implant is most appropriate. He or she will base it on the quality and amount of bone you have, as well as, your expectations on the final tooth restoration.

How Is It Done?

An endosteal dental implant is drilled directly into your jawbone and a metal post is then attached to the implant after the gum tissue has been altered. After this, a crown or tooth replacement is made an auxiliary to the metal post. To attain a successful procedure, you must have sufficient bone area to support the width, height, and length of the dental implants.

Post-Dental Care

After the surgery, your dentist will orient you of the dos and don’ts on proper oral hygiene and aftercare. He or she may likewise advise you to take pain medications or antibiotics, as well as, instruct you to only eat soft foods for about a week. In case an inflammation occurs, a simple regular cleaning will do the job. Additionally, you may also use silica toothpaste to reduce bacteria build-up and avoid further development of dental issues.

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Are You a Good Candidate of Endosteal Dental Implants Aventura?

Candidates for endosteal dental implants must have a fully-grown bone and enough bone area in the jaw. Good oral and general health is also an important criterion before availing of this dental treatment. Hence, it is essential to seek professional help before choosing what type of dental implant suits you best. Please feel free to contact Biscayne Dental Center. Schedule an appointment today!