Characteristics of a Great Orthodontist  

orthodontist checking a woman's braces

Crooked or misaligned teeth can affect you both emotionally and physically. Your overbite can affect the shape of your face. You also tend to feel anxious if you know that your teeth need help. But there’s no need to worry because you can see an orthodontist in North Miami who can help you correct your teeth.  

Picking your orthodontist can be tricky, and you have to be careful. To help you out, here are some characteristics that you should be looking for in an orthodontist 

orthodontist in North Miami showing his patient her x-ray resultWhat Should You Look for in an Orthodontist?


More often than not, your dental visits are scheduled during your days off or after your working hours. It would be great to have an orthodontist who is usually on time.   

Orthodontic treatment sometimes requires tedious adjustments. You’ll need to have an orthodontist who knows how to value time and follows appointment details.  


You wouldn’t want to spend hours in a dental clinic with a rude orthodontist. It would be best if your orthodontist is easy to speak with if you have dental anxiety.  

Look for an orthodontist who can be your confidante when it comes to your dental health. Don’t choose one who treats patients and dental staff poorly.  


It’s great to work with an orthodontist who’s honest with rates and every detail of your dental treatment. You wouldn’t want to be bombarded with hidden fees after you get your braces adjusted.  

Before you sign anything with your prospected dentist, it’s best to ask about dental service rates first.   

orthodontist in North Miami checking a woman's mouthAre You with the Right Orthodontist in North Miami?

If you’re looking for a great orthodontist in North Miami, Biscayne Dental Center is the best way to go. We offer high-quality orthodontic care treatment while considering the preferences of our patients. We aim to uphold both dental and personal standards in our office. Should you want to know more about our services, please leave us a message.