3 Warning Signs of Dental Anxiety

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Despite the rise of dental innovations including sedation dentistry in North Miami, there are still a lot of people who feel scared of going to the dentist. Here are a few signs you should watch out for.

equipment tray for sedation dentistry in north miamiSigns of Dental Anxiety

You Get Nervous

As soon as you walk into the dental clinic and you feel nervous, this is a sign of dental anxiety. When you feel agitated seeing the dental tools and hearing the sound of the drill, you’re just like many other patients.

If the mere idea of stepping into the waiting room triggers your anxiety, you should look for a dental clinic that offers a welcoming atmosphere.

You Feel Vulnerable in a Dental Chair

If you feel like everything is going to fall apart, or if you suddenly panic as the dental chair reclines, then you most likely have dental anxiety. It gives you the feeling of being anxious, and it seems like you are no longer in control of your body. This could be because you are afraid of needles, or any other painful procedures. Having a compassionate dentist and dental sedation can be of great help for situations like these.

You Don’t Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Apart from your busy schedule, another thing that could keep you from visiting your dentist is the uncertainty. If you keep postponing that appointment you have, it could be an indication that you are trying to avoid any pain related to dental procedures.

Unfortunately, the more you skip your regular dental routine, the greater your chances are of getting more serious dental issues – which means more complex dental treatments.

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