3 Tips for Picture-Perfect Braces 

close-up photo of green braces from an orthodontist in North Miami

Orthodontists in North Miami may recommend you get braces to help with correcting your teeth. However, there are people who don’t feel confident about showing their braces to other people. It could be that they don’t like the flashy appearance of braces. But with the innovations in the dental industry, there are already multiple ways on how you can make your braces more appealing. 

girl wearing colorful braces from an orthodontist in North Miami

How to Make Your Braces More Trendy

Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Choosing darker colored bands can actually make your teeth look whiter. The color contrast enhances the natural whiteness of your teeth and makes them look brighter in appearance. It looks great in pictures if you flash them a perfectly white set of teeth. Yellow or gold bands often seem like light stains on your teeth, so they aren’t always the best color choice.  

Match the Holidays

If your braces are due for adjustment before a big holiday or event, make it match the upcoming holiday or celebration. You can choose the colors black and orange in the run-up to Halloween or red and green before Christmas to stay on-trend. You can even support your favorite sports team by using their colors! 

Clean Your Braces and Teeth Regularly

There is no better way to look good in pictures than having a clean set of teeth. Now, if you are already wearing braces, you just need to ensure that they are well-cleaned and adjusted to the right fit. You definitely feel more confident and carefree knowing that there isn’t anything caught between your teeth and your braces.  

woman with braces being checked by an orthodontist in North Miami

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