Zygomatic Implants Versus Endosteal Implants

Where to get Dental Implants North Miami?

Dental implants in North Miami have become an industry standard for missing or lost teeth. It is comprised of a prosthetic replacement being attached and fused into the jawbone to replicate your natural teeth. Furthermore, there are a few different types of dental implants, and each requires a different procedure. The most common forms are zygomatic and endosteal implants.

Where to get Dental Implants North Miami?

Differences Between Zygomatic Implants and Endosteal Implants


Zygomatic implants take away the necessity of bone grafting. It is a Swedish surgical technique that allows the patient to leave the clinic on the same day with loaded, functional teeth. You no longer have to wait or come back another day to complete the process.

Overall, the biggest difference between these treatments is the placement of the screws. Zygomatic implants screw into your cheekbone, while Endosteal are connected to your jaw.  These screws will act as your tooth’s artificial root.


One significant advantage of choosing endosteal implants is that your dentist doesn’t need an adjacent tooth to attach the bone grafts. Likewise, this type of surgery is known for its high success rate and inflicts only minimal discomfort.

On the other end, Zygomatic implants are much less invasive, which accounts for their faster healing time. Both of these options are considered permanent solutions because they have a very long life expectancy.

Where to get Dental Implants North Miami?

Are you a Good Candidate for Dental Implants in North Miami?

Dental implants require an in-depth exam to determine your candidacy. Generally, zygomatic implants are applicable for those who need implants for their upper set of teeth, while candidates for endosteal implants can apply the surgery anywhere in their jaws.

If you’re still questioning which dental implant is right for you, contact Biscayne Dental Center! We are excited to get to know you and help you along your journey to dental health.