Why Is A Beautiful Smile So Attractive?

Couple smiling after getting Invisalign® in North Miami 

Everyone loves a beautiful smile. How your teeth look not only affects how people see you, but also how you feel because straight teeth are essential to a great smile. Luckily, straightening your teeth is now easy, involves little discomfort and you do not have to deal with the eyesore of metal braces thanks to Invisalign in North Miami.

Happy woman after getting Invisalign® in North Miami 

Why Are We Attracted to a Beautiful Smile?

Healthy Is Attractive

Physical signs of health and happiness are naturally attractive. Qualities like good humor, physical fitness, clear skin and glossy hair are all considered beautiful because they indicate health and fertility. Your smile is the most visible sign of happiness and an indication of your oral health, both linked to your overall health.

  • Straight teeth are more attractive because they are healthier. They are easier to keep clean and are more durable.
  • Crooked teeth are often paired with poor oral health. Oral health is linked to serious problems such as Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes and even Alzheimer’s.
  • People with healthy, well aligned teeth smile more frequently, and are seen as more approachable and inviting.

Symmetry is Attractive

Researchers have found that the human brain is hard wired to prefer symmetry and it has a strong influence on the perception of beauty. Not only are people with symmetrical smiles seen as more attractive, but also more intelligent and competent. 

  • Straight teeth are more attractive because of their balanced appearance and even spacing.
  • The asymmetry of crooked teeth is highly visible every time you smile. It is visually uneven and unfairly influences how others perceive you.
  • People with symmetrical smiles are judged as more engaging, smarter, and more likable. 

Woman smiling with Invisalign® in North Miami Get A More Attractive Smile With Invisalign in North Miami

If you want all the benefits of an attractive, confident and symmetrical smile, contact Biscayne Dental Center to schedule an appointment.