What is the Appropriate Age to Receive Dental Sedation?

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Typically, it’s okay for kids to be afraid of going to the dentist, especially if it’s their first time; however, it’s still a question of whether it’s okay to have them sedated for their dental procedure. While patients can receive sedation dentistry in North Miami as young as two years old, this rule has some exceptions. To help you understand how sedation dentistry works on children, here are the factors that you need to understand.

Anesthesia Word and Sedation Dentistry North MiamiDental Sedation for Children

Should Children Be Sedated for Dental Work?

A child doesn’t need to be sedated for their dental work if:

  • The child can behave during the dental procedure
  • The dental procedure is not invasive
  • The child will experience little to no pain during the procedure
  • The child does not feel any anxiety or stress

What Type of Sedation Is Often Used for Children?

Oral sedation and nitrous oxide or laughing gas are the usual sedatives given to children before their dental procedure. These sedatives are designed to relax the mind and muscles of the patient before their scheduled appointment.

How Safe Is Dental Sedation for Children?

Dental sedation is a relatively safe and harmless procedure for adults and children. To make sure that the method is secure for the patient, dentists must also have an emergency plan in place.

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