What is a Denture Reline?

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When you lose teeth, the surrounding jawbone may experience changes – one of which is what is known as bone resorption. This process involves the gradual disintegration of bone tissues, and it usually occurs within the first six months after tooth extraction. Since dentures in North Miami are designed to replace missing teeth, they may become loose over time because of bone resorption. Instead of completely replacing and paying for another set of dentures, a denture reline could be the perfect solution to relieve you of this concern.

where can i get the best dentures in north miami?

All About Dentures Relining

What Does Denture Relining Offer?

The lining material offers a cushioned and spongy layer between the soft tissues of your mouth and the hard base of your dentures. With the right amount of care, it will remain tasteless, odorless, and tear-resistant. Likewise, it has little to no effect on your dentures and is definitely easy to clean and adjust.

When Do I Need Denture Relining?

Dentures relining is performed on the inners surface of your dentures only after certain circumstance make the procedure necessary. According to most dentists, it is applicable in three situations, namely:

  • Following an implant placement – the soft relining material relieves the dentures to avoid direct contact between the implants and denture-base
  • Following a surgery – An example of this situation is when you removed excess bone, specifically in the middle part of your palate. Dentures relining will help reduce inflammation and swelling as it acts like a pressure bandage on the subject area.
  • Following a dentures treatment – denture relining is also performed to aid your dentures during the bone healing process. 

When is the Relining Material Removed?

The soft reline material is usually taken out after two weeks, but not later than four weeks. The material becomes hard and rough and causes tissue damage if left for more than 30 days. If you want to maintain its resilience, you can change the soft reline material to avoid tissue damage.

where can i get the best dentures in north miami?

Want a Temporary Solution for your Dentures in North Miami?

With proper care, denture relining can offer you a temporary and comfortable solution. Schedule an appointment with Biscayne Dental Center to get dentures relining today!