Teeth Whitening in North Miami | Things to Avoid After Treatment

teeth whitening

We know that you are looking for a whiter smile to last for many years! At times, it can be embarrassing to smile when you’ve got a slight yellow cast on your teeth. That’s why we are your experts for teeth whitening in North Miami! Let’s learn more about what you need to avoid temporarily after treatment with us at the office.




In the first place, we know that it is important for you to get a whiter smile. Coffee is a morning staple that contains caffeine to get your day started. However, coffee can diminish the white quality on your teeth. In particular, black coffee can make your teeth yellow—even after whitening treatments.



Red Wine

Adding on, red wine can stain or tint your teeth. Red wine comes with significant health benefits such as antioxidants. However, the dark, rich consistency found in wine can defeat the purpose of teeth whitening treatments.




Furthermore, tomatoes contain a strong natural acidity that can wear down the peroxide gel applied to your teeth. We recommend that you stray away from coffee, red wine, and tomatoes for a few weeks after getting treatment at our office.

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Do You Need Teeth Whitening in North Miami?

Last but not least, your pearly whites should stay bright and beautiful. To get maximum results, you should decrease your intake of coffee, red wine, and tomatoes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more!