Risks of Refusing Dental Implants When You Need Them  

model of dental implants in Aventura

There are various tooth replacement options that you can consider, but it’s still best to get what your dentist recommends. Your dentist may require you to get dentures, veneers, or dental implants in Aventura, depending on your dental health status.  

Your dentist will value your preferences and give you options, but you should also be open to the consequences of not getting proper treatment. Here are some key points you should know if you refuse to get dental implants 

old man with missing tooth needing dental implants in AventuraConsequences of Refusing Dental Implants

More Visits to the Dentist

If you refuse to get the proper dental treatment for yourself, you’ll only end up visiting your dentist more often. When your dentist tells you that you need dental implants, it’s for the best.  

Not following what your dentist tells you only complicate things. You could only have a missing tooth, but refusing to replace it can lead to gum recession and infection. Following your visits, you’ll even end up spending more of your time and financial resources.  

Low Self-esteem

Missing a tooth feels like missing a part of your body. There’s a great tendency that you’ll feel awkward about smiling and speaking with other people. You may feel like they’ll judge you for your missing tooth. 

Not replacing your damaged or missing tooth only lessens your chances of better social interaction. You wouldn’t want to live your entire life being anxious about what others will have to say about your teeth.  

dental implants in Aventura with a toothbrushLooking for the Best Dental Implants in Aventura?

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