What Happens During Scaling and Root Planing by a Periodontist

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When you are diagnosed with periodontal disease such as gingivitis, the first stage of treatment performed by a periodontist in North Miami is scaling and root planing. This is an in-depth cleaning procedure with the ultimate goal to remove tartar and dental plaque that causes periodontal disease. This procedure can be performed as a preventive measure or a stand-alone treatment. However, it is commonly performed by periodontists on individuals with gingivitis and moderate periodontal conditions.

who is the best periodontist north miami?

What to Expect When a Periodontist Conducts the Procedure

Assessment of the Patient’s Condition

Every periodontist knows that before performing a scaling and root planing treatment, an in-depth assessment of the patient’s condition should first be performed. This assessment includes several x-rays of your mouth. The length of the assessment period will depend upon the progression of the periodontitis, the pocket depths, the amount of plaque and tartar, and the condition of your gum tissue. In a lot of instances, local anesthesia will be used so you can relax during the entire procedure.

Scaling and Root Planing

When scaling is conducted by a periodontist dental plaque and calculus are removed from the surface of your tooth. Your experienced periodontist will carefully target the area underneath your gum line. As for root planing, the ultimate goal is to remove tartar, toxins, and unwanted microorganisms from the surface of your dentin.

Medications Used

The first drug or medication used is local anesthesia. After the treatment, your periodontist in North Miami will prescribe you with anti-microbial medications of antibiotics. Likewise, local delivery of antibiotics may also be administered to promote normal healing and control the development of any infection.


If the scaling and root planing treatment is successful, you will be surprised at how many benefits it can offer. This treatment provides aesthetics, teeth protection, and prevention of diseases. Apart from making your smile stand-out from the rest, scaling and root planing likewise reduces bad breath caused by bacteria that are stuck in between your teeth.

who is the best periodontist north miami?

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