Pediatric Dentist in North Miami | Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

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We know that your child’s oral health is important to you and their future. Healthy teeth begin early in a child’s development. As your leading pediatric dentist in North Miami, your child’s teeth are our priority! Keep reading for more information about great tips for your child’s dental health!




In the first place, teeth brushing is the most basic way for your child to prevent cavities. Brushing is a basic means of removing plaque and bacteria in the mouth before buildup starts to occur.

Also, your child should be able to brush twice a day for optimum performance.



Eat Healthy Foods

In addition, eating the right kind of food builds strong teeth! For instance, dairy products such as milk and cheese contain calcium properties. Calcium builds up your child’s tooth enamel for many years to come. Celery is a great way to reduce plaque because of the substances mixed in with the saliva.



Consider Sealants

Moreover, dental sealants are a great way of preventing cavities from forming in your child’s mouth. Sealants are a protective coating that conforms to the ridges of their teeth. This way, bacteria, and food particles will not be able to produce a cavity even before it begins.



Dental Appointments

Furthermore, your child should always have regularly scheduled appointments. We can better detect issues occurring in your child’s mouth and treat it sooner.


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Lastly, it is very important to get your child great oral health. That’s why we’re experts in pediatric dentistry. Contact us today to learn more!