Orthodontics Aventura | How to Deal with Orthodontic Mishaps

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Even though metal braces are durable the wires can break and the brackets can come loose. When this happens we want you to do one thing – don’t panic! Every orthodontic mishap has a solution. When you encounter problems with your braces it can create abrasions and cuts in your oral mucosa or the insides of your mouth. When problems concerning orthodontics Aventura fall outside office hours, you may need to fix the problem yourself while you wait for your orthodontist to have it repaired.

When Brackets Come Loose

Brackets are the stainless steel devices that are glued to each of your teeth using an adhesive. Although they are secured in place these brackets can come loose. Your orthodontist is the only person who can reattach the brackets to your teeth. Meanwhile, while waiting for your appointment you can use a pair of tweezers and sterilize it to move the bracket and let it slide until it settles at the center of your tooth. Rotate it if it’s facing the wrong direction.

When the Wires of Your Orthodontics Braces Break

Yes, your wire can break and when it does it can hurt the insides of your mouth because of its sharp end. This can put you at risk of developing an infection. While you wait for your appointment, we recommend you use a clean pair of nail clippers or sterilized pliers to cut the sharp end of the broken wire. Before you clip it off, use a tissue napkin and place it inside your mouth so that you won’t swallow the clipped wire.

When Your Wire Protrudes

When you wear braces it is expected that your teeth will move. However, when your teeth move there is a tendency for your wire to come out of the farthest bracket. This protruding wire can poke through your gums or cheek and it can injure your oral mucosa. You can use a pair of clean nail clippers to cut the end of the wire and then call your orthodontist so they can replace it.

who offers orthodontics aventura?

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