What Causes Buck Teeth?

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Buck teeth or protruding teeth is a common orthodontics Aventura problem. Whether for health or aesthetic reasons, a lot of people want their buck teeth corrected. The bright side is that there are numerous dental solutions to address this problem. One of the most effective solutions is clear aligner technology. With this, your buck teeth can be corrected without the need of attaching those uncomfortable metal braces. However, before you avail of this dental solution, it is best that you take a look at the common causes of buck teeth.

who offers the best orthodontics aventura?

Reasons Why You Develop Buck Teeth

Possible Causes

For a lot of people, the common cause of buck teeth is due to thumb-sucking during childhood. This habit is not really a problem in kids since their milk teeth will not stay around for long. However, when your kid’s permanent teeth begin to grow and he or she still has the thumb-sucking habit, your kid will most likely develop protruding teeth. Once your kid develops buck teeth, it is recommended that you avail of the orthodontics treatment. Likewise, it is also possible to develop buck teeth even if you don’t have a thumb-sucking habit during your childhood. Professionals on orthodontics state that people who are born with a lower jaw are prone to develop this kind of dental condition. Other causes of protruding teeth are the existence of teeth overcrowding or if you have larger teeth.

Problems Concerning Buck Teeth

Orthodontics Aventura treatments are important in dealing with buck teeth or protruding teeth. If this dental issue is not addressed, it will cause chewing problems and it can increase the risk of damaging your teeth. Efficient chewing is the primary stage in the digestive process. Thus, if you have chewing problems caused by buck teeth, you will have trouble digesting your food. Likewise, you will be prone to chipping, cracking, or damaging your teeth when you have this condition.

who offers the best orthodontics aventura?

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