Orthodontic Problems Adults Face

Where is the best Orthodontics Aventura?

Adults, teens, and children alike experience varying orthodontic problems. From overbites and underbites to teeth spacing problems, professionals in orthodontics in Aventura are willing, trained, and prepared to handle these issues.

Where is the best Orthodontics Aventura?

What are the Common Orthodontic Problems?


Otherwise known as ‘bad bite’, malocclusion is the primary reason patients see an orthodontist. There are several forms of bad bites that may lead to mild or severe complications. Likewise, there are numerous causes of malocclusion – genetics is the prominent factor. Aside from hereditary factors, environmental factors like thumb sucking can also be the cause of malocclusion.

Protruded Teeth

You have protruding teeth when the lower set of teeth doesn’t extend enough or the upper set sticks out too far. Like malocclusion, thumb sucking may also cause protrusion of your kid’s teeth. If left untreated, the irregular contact between the lower and upper front teeth will result in uneven jaw growth, poor and abnormal bites, and injury or damage to the lower teeth.

Crowded Teeth

If there is no enough space in your mouth for all those teeth, you’re more likely to have crowded teeth. This condition requires immediate dental treatment as crowding gets worse over time and will, later on, cause pain and discomfort. In order to correct crowded teeth, your dentist will have to create an expansion and remove a tooth if necessary.

Crossbite, Underbit, and Overbite

A crossbite occurs when the upper back of your teeth fits into the lower set. It may lead to misaligned jaw growth and tooth stratification. As for the overbite problem, it occurs when the lower teeth is being covered by the front teeth. If left untreated, an overbite may result in the wearing down of your teeth. Lastly, you have underbite problems if your upper jaw is shorter than your lower jaw which causes the latter to protrude in front of the former.

Where is the best Orthodontics Aventura?

Exceptional Orthodontics in Aventura

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