Miami Shores Dentist | 3 Things That Cause Gum Disease

Who is the best Miami Shores Dentist ?

Gum disease can lead to a variety of health issues, or even cause tooth loss if not treated early on. It’s important to know what causes gum disease in order to prevent it. Below are three common causes of gum disease. If you are in need of a Miami shores dentist, contact our office today!


Neglecting Your Oral Hygiene

When you neglect your oral health, plaque begins to develop. Ultimately, plaque is the most common reason for gum disease. In order to avoid the development of plaque buildup and gum disease be sure to brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist regularly. If your gums appear to be swollen or bloody, contact your dentist.



Tobacco and cigarettes affect you gum tissue in a way that makes you more susceptible to gum disease. In order to achieve optimal oral health, it’s imperative to ditch your tobacco habit.


Fluctuation in Hormones

When a women’s hormones fluctuate, she’s more susceptible and prone to gum disease. Its important for women to pay close attention to their oral hygiene while pregnant or during a menstrual cycle.


Who is the best Miami Shores Dentist ?

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