Miami Shores Dentist | Four Major Red Flags at the Dentist’s Office

Where is the best miami shores dentist?

Finding the right kind of Miami Shores Dentist for you and your family is a critical factor in maintaining your dental and oral health. With so many out there claiming to give you the best care possible, it can be quite a challenge to do so. That’s why learning to recognize the bad ones is extremely important.

They Don’t Ask for Your Old Dental Records

Your new dentist should request your dental records from your previous dental care provider even before you show up for your appointment. A good Miami Shores Dentist is concerned about tracking problems and looking out for changes through your old records such as x-rays.

X-ray Alerts

Look for a new Miami Shores Dentist if they pressure you to get a full set of x-rays despite the fact that you already told them that you have recent ones. In case you’re not aware, you should only get a full set of dental x-rays once every two years to avoid the associated risks of radiation. Furthermore, beware of the cone-beam x-ray that takes a 3-D image of your mouth because it will zap you with 18 times the radiation of digital x-rays (best choice since this can detect cavities that can’t be found with traditional x-rays).

They Don’t Maintain Cleanliness

Check if they store the instruments in sealed bags in which they’re heat-sterilized or autoclaved until ready to be used. Also, if they don’t change their gloves several times during a procedure, this means that they’re not concerned about cross-contamination of bacteria in their treatment rooms.

No Oral Cancer Screening

Oral screening should be performed every 6 months since over the past 2 decades, this has increased threefold. Your Miami Shores Dentist should inspect if your mouth has lesions, feel your neck for lymph nodes, lift your tongue to view both of its sides, and check your gum tissue, throat, and the insides of your cheeks.

Where is the best miami shores dentist?

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