Kinds of Orthodontic Devices

Woman after visiting an Orthodontist in North Miami 

Although orthodontists in North Miami are well known for their practice, not every dentist will recommend the same orthodontic device for your teeth. Choosing the best device for your dental health issue is more difficult because many options are available. Fortunately, your orthodontist can help you choose the best treatment and dental device to help you straighten your teeth.  

Here are some common options to consider if you want to know what device could straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth 

 Woman after visiting an Orthodontist in North Miami 

Kinds of Orthodontic Equipment and Tools

Clear Aligners

While transparent aligners have the same function as braces, they give users greater flexibility and options. The patient can quickly take them out and put them back in their clear aligners as needed. Since they blend in with natural teeth and offer improved comfort and aesthetics, they’re among the top choices for young patients.  


Retainers are typically available after you’ve had your teeth straightened. This orthodontic device stops teeth from slipping back to their original positions once properly aligned. Your dentist will advise utilizing this device to assist in retaining your teeth in the proper position if you finish wearing your braces or aligners.   

Traditional Braces

Braces are one of the primary instruments orthodontists frequently employ and suggest to their patients. With the tension provided by braces, the crooked teeth are pulled daily into the proper position. The brackets’ holding of the wire creates a consistent correction force that realigns the misaligned teeth.  

Additional Orthodontic Tools

  • Mouth Guard  
  • Nance  
  • Palatal Expander  
  • Quad Helix  
  • Schwarz  
  • Separators  
  • Spring Aligner  
  • Thumb Crib  

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Are You Looking for a Dedicated Orthodontist in North Miami?

At Biscayne Dental Center, our dentist can provide you with a specialized orthodontic device to help fix your crooked or misaligned teeth. Call our staff if you want to learn more about the wonderful advantages of these orthodontic treatments.