How to Keep Your Teeth Enamel Strong

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Your teeth’s enamel is often exceptionally tough, but numerous habits and conditions may cause the structure of your enamel to brittle and weaken. Poor dental care and tooth grinding are habits that weaken and damage teeth enamel. According to a North Miami dentist, cavities and tooth decay from improper brushing will destroy your tooth pulp, while clenching teeth and constant grinding brittles your dental enamel.

who offers a North Miami dentist?

All You Need to Know about your Teeth Enamel

Causes of Damaged Teeth Enamel

Aside from constant grinding and clenching of teeth, there are conditions such as aging that unavoidably destroys the teeth’s enamel. As you age, the nerves and pulp that supply the teeth shrink, making it more vulnerable. Since there is a reduction in the fluid moving into your teeth’s enamel, it becomes more prone to damage. 

As stated by a North Miami dentist, nutritional deficiencies and inherited disorders like dentinogenesis imperfect can also cause your teeth to brittle. Your teeth enamel needs a variety of minerals and vitamins. The deficiency of vitamins A and D may lead to poor mineral absorption and tooth brittleness. As for inherited conditions that affect the strength of your tooth enamel, dentinogenesis imperfect affects the site where the enamel and dentin meet. As a consequence, the enamel is disrupted, leaving the teeth vulnerable to cavities and discoloration.


A North Miami dentist can only develop the strength of your enamel since it does not regrow. He or she may recommend fluoride gel treatments and supplements to improve your teeth enamel. A sealant may also be applied to the chewing surfaces to safeguard your teeth from decay and fractures. Likewise, your teeth can also be reinforced and covered to prevent it from developing cavities.

who offers a North Miami dentist?

How a North Miami Dentist Fix Brittle Teeth

Sensitive and brittle teeth need special care. However, there are a lot of ways you can do to attain an attractive and healthy smile. If you already have fractured or chipped teeth, you need to reach out to your dentist about getting crowns and veneers. Remember that no matter how hard you try to maintain a healthy dental routine, you still need to eat a healthy diet and avoid sugary or acidic foods. Schedule an appointment today!