How to Deal with Broken Braces

woman in a dental chair having her braces checked by an Orthodontist in North Miami

Orthodontic braces are a common dental treatment for straightening teeth. However, accidents happen, and a bracket may break occasionally. While it can be a cause for concern, breaking a bracket is not uncommon. There are steps you can take to address the situation promptly with the help of an orthodontist in North Miami. 

woman wearing braces showing signs of dental pain needs an orthodontist in North Miami

Handling Broken Braces

What Can Happen?

  • Discomfort and Pain: Broken brackets or wires can lead to irritation and soreness in the mouth, making it difficult to eat or speak comfortably. 
  • Increased Treatment Duration: With a loose wire or bracket, additional adjustments or repairs may be necessary, leading to an extended treatment timeline. 
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: If a wire or bracket is protruding or poking out, it can potentially cause soft tissue injuries in the mouth. 
  • Compromised Aesthetic Appearance: A loose or visibly broken wire or bracket can be visually unappealing. 

What to Do?

Assess the Situation

Take a moment to assess the situation. Is the bracket fully detached or partially attached? Is it causing discomfort or interfering with your daily activities? Evaluating the severity of the issue will help you determine the necessary course of action. 

Take Measures for Discomfort

If the broken piece is causing pain or irritation, you can try covering it with orthodontic wax, which is available at most pharmacies. Applying wax will provide temporary relief by creating a smooth surface and preventing the broken part from further irritating your gums or cheeks. 

Contact Your Dentist

It’s crucial to inform your orthodontist or dentist about broken braces as soon as possible.  

Don’t hesitate to reach out! Remember that your orthodontist is there to help you, and they will not be upset or disappointed by a broken bracket or wire. They understand these situations can occur and are prepared to assist you promptly. 

woman in dental chair before having her braces checked by an orthodontist in North Miami

Ready to Talk to an Orthodontist in North Miami?

If you have experienced a broken bracket or wire and need immediate assistance, contact Biscayne Dental Center. Our orthodontists are ready to help you resolve any issues with your braces and keep your treatment on track!