How Painful Is Getting a Dental Implant?

woman fitted with dental Implants in Miami

Have you considered having a tooth replacement implant for a missing tooth? If you have, you’ve probably heard of dental implants in Miami. While these dental devices are critical to restoring your oral health, there are some concerns about how painful when you get them.  

It’s critical to understand what the operation entails to anticipate the expected type and intensity of pain. Here’s a quick guide to help you gauge the pain when you get your implants 

woman fitted with dental Implants in MiamiWhat to Expect When During Your Dental Implant Surgery

Will I Feel Pain?

Dental implants should be disassembled in two sections. The first stage is surgery, and the second is recovery. When your dentist will surgically places dental implants, this necessitates cutting into the gums. As you may expect, this sounds painful.  

However, before they begin, your dentist will provide a local anesthetic. The dentist might make an incision to expose the jawbone once the area is numb. You will feel no pain because the region has been completely anesthetized.  

Will I Feel Pain During the Drilling?

After making the area more accessible, a hole for the implant can be drilled. While drilling may seem uncomfortable, your jawbone lacks nerves that allow it to experience pain. Pressure will likely be the source of your discomfort during this time. You will not feel any drilling.   

After that, the dental implant can be screwed into place. It will take around an hour to numb the area, make the incision, drill, and insert the implants. Your dentist will close the incision once they are happy with the placement.   

What Is the Effect of Anesthetic?

The patient will experience no discomfort while the local anesthetic is still in effect. Before beginning the procedure, your dentist may administer pain medication to ensure that you have adequate pain relief when the anesthetic wears off. The healing process begins at that point.  

Sample of dental Implants in MiamiAre You Interested in Dental Implants in Miami?

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