How Long Should Children Wear Braces?

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While some kids are excited to get their braces, other children are not as enthusiastic, and some have their concerns. According to North Miami dentists, one of the most common reasons children fears getting braces is not knowing how long they’ll have to wear them. If you have children, educating them as early as possible is critical to help them relax and accept their treatment.  

The average time for children to wear braces is two to three years, depending on various factors. It could, however, be more or less. Learning about braces can help teach your children the importance of this orthodontic device. If you’re wondering how long your children should wear their braces, here are some factors to consider.  

North Miami Dentist bracesThe Ultimate Guide to Braces for Children

The Child’s Age

A child’s age is one factor that influences how long they should wear braces. Typically, children around nine can get braces; however, this can vary. If the child needs braces to align their teeth, they must first grow all their permanent teeth before getting braces.  

Proper Upkeep and Care

The performance of your child’s braces will be determined not only by the damage to their teeth but also by how well they maintain their braces. A clean and well-maintained device will produce better results and solve the problem faster than one that has not been held.  

The Severity of Damaged Teeth

Another factor affecting how long your child will have to wear braces is the type of teeth they have. If your child suffers from minor damage or crookedness, they can wear their braces for a short duration. However, if the damage is severe, they’ll have to wear them for a long time.

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If your child is ready for braces, you’ll need all the assistance you can get. At Biscayne Dental Center, our team can provide unrivaled aid in ensuring that your children grow up with perfect teeth. If you want to learn more about braces for children, give us a call today!