What You Should Know About Bone Loss and Dental Implants

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If you’ve lost a tooth, dental implants in Sunny Isles FL may sound like a good idea! You can secure those traditional dentures, have a stable dental treatment, and eat whatever you want with minimal restrictions. This restorative treatment is designed to prevent bone loss in your jaw and restore function, but there are times when some cases of bone loss make dental implants an unviable option.

where to get the best dental implants in sunny isles fl?

Can Bone Loss Occur Despite the Implants?

Loss of Jawbone Functionality

Your teeth stimulate your jaw through eating, talking, and exercising. These acts keep your jawbone in shape. Once you have a missing tooth, parts of your jawbone can no longer function properly and begin to weaken over time. That is why dental experts designed dental implants so that bone loss can be prevented with a long-term and natural-looking solution.

Other Factors that Lead to Bone Loss

Tooth loss is just one of the many dental problems that cause bone loss. Thus, you can still have insufficient jaw bone even after a dental implant surgery if you have the following conditions:

  • Physical Trauma – If any part of the implant site becomes damaged due to an injury, the bone will stop receiving any stimulation from the teeth. So, if you’re often engaged in sports such as football, basketball, and baseball, you need to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and gums.
  • Medical Conditions – Paget’s disease of the bone and osteoporosis are the leading causes of dental bone loss. If you happen to have this condition, you must inform your dentist before undergoing any type of dental implant treatment.

where to get the best dental implants in sunny isles fl?

Remarkable Dental Implants in Sunny Isles FL

Gum disease, bone loss, and other dental health issues can be treated, but to get the most out of dental implant treatment, it’s best that you address these issues beforehand. Talk to our experienced dentist at Biscayne Dental Center about your dental concern!