Endodontist North Miami | The Difference Between a Dentist and an Endodontist

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What makes an endodontist North Miami different from a dentist? Here’s a simple fact: endodontists are dentists. However, not all dentists are endodontists. Just like in the medical field, all pediatricians are doctors, but not all medical doctors are pediatricians. This is what you call areas of specialization. In the dental field, dentists can choose their specialty wherein they dedicate additional years of education and training. Let’s find out more about endodontists and what makes them different from a general dentist.

Endodontists Have Additional Years of Education

To become an endodontist, you must first complete 2 to 3 more years of education in a specialty program. Of course, this can only be done if you have completed four years in dental school. Endodontists specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases involving dental pulp.

Endodontists Have Specialized Skills and Knowledge

Do you know that endodontists are required to complete around 25 root canals in one week? Meanwhile, general dentists usually perform an average of 2 root canals in a week. This means that if you suffer from a dental pulp infection, the best person to consult is an endodontist because they dedicate more time to diagnosing and treating dental pulp issues.

Endodontists Specialize in Relieving Tooth Pain

Your endodontist uses a variety of techniques to make sure that you are comfortable during the entire duration of the procedure. Aside from keeping you healthy, your endodontist will effectively and efficiently relieve you from pain after performing a root canal procedure to treat the inflammation and infection.

who offers endodontist north miami?

Looking for More Information About an Endodontist North Miami?

If your general dentist informs you that you need a root canal to treat your dental pulp, you know that the best person to do the job is an endodontist. Ask your dentist for a recommendation.  Biscayne Dental Center has a team committed to providing excellence in patient care through the appropriate use of dental technologies and by treating our patients as if they were part of our very own family. If you want to improve your dental health, give us a call today or visit our website to learn more about our services.