Post-Treatment Tips for Faster Recovery from Dentures

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After you had your dentures in North Miami, it is essential that you follow specific post-operative instructions to hasten your recovery process. Below are the practical and dentist-prescribed aftercare tips.

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Post-Operative Instructions After a Denture Procedure

Temporary Alignment

After a few months from the procedure, your dentures will become loose because of the decrease in your bone and gums. Hence, it is advisable to revisit your dentist for the realignment of your dentures in North Miami. It will also allow your dentist to check if any improvement or changes are needed to position your dentures better. Once your dentures, bone, and gums have stabilized, you will be required to have permanent realignment

Purchase Pain Relievers or Medications

Dental treatments are often associated with pain and discomfort. Hence, it is essential that you purchase pain reliever and medications as your back-up plan if you experience severe pain. For pain relief, you can take anti-inflammatory medications or analgesics. However, if your dentures in North Miami cause severe swelling, fever, pain, or bleeding, it is crucial that you immediately call your dentist so the problem can be addressed as soon as possible.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habits include excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking. Although casual drinking may be all right, too much of it will slow down your healing process. Likewise, if you’re a smoker, make sure that you don’t smoke 24 hours after the procedure, as it will increase the risk of a dry socket problem.

Rinse, Gargle, and Watch Your Diet

For 24 hours, it is recommended that you don’t rinse or gargle. Likewise, you should also avoid eating foods and drinking beverages that may activate bleeding. Try to observe a soft food diet for the first 24 hours from treatment to guarantee that you don’t mess up gums. After 24 hours of getting your dentures in North Miami, you can slowly introduce hard foods and rinse your mouth with lukewarm saltwater.

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