Dentures in North Miami | Is It Time for New Dentures?

Where can I find Dentures in North Miami?

How long have you had your dentures? Many patients think dentures last a lifetime. However, in reality, dentures only last about 7 years. Over time, dentures will lose their shape and won’t fit properly. Below are a few signs that it’s time to purchase a new pair of dentures. If you are in need of dentures in North Miami, contact our office today!


Your Dentures Need a Lot of Adhesive to Stay in Place

If you can’t seem to keep your dentures in your mouth without adhesive, it’s time for a new pair of dentures. Adhesive might be necessary occasionally for extra peace of mind. However, Your dentures should fit snuggly in your mouth without the help of an adhesive.


If Your Bite Feels off

Over time, your dentures will wear down from continuous force between your top and bottom dentures. The results are often a misaligned bite. If you feel like your dentures are worn down to the point of affecting your bite, contact your dentist.


Your Dentures Are Stained

Stained dentures are not only unattractive, but it also could be a sign of old dentures that are more susceptible to breaking or losing their fit.


Where can I find Dentures in North Miami ?

Are You in Need of Dentures in North Miami?

Are you in need of dentures in North Miami? look no further than Biscayne Dental Center. With 30 plus years of experience, our dedicated staff is here to deliver the best possible service a patient could ask for. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!