Dentist Vs. Orthodontist

Where can I find an Orthodontist North Miami?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between dentists and orthodontists? Both are dental experts that help enhance the appearance of your smile and promote the importance of dental health. However, a dentist is more focused on the healthcare of the jaw, nerve, gums, and teeth. On the contrary, an orthodontist in North Miami specializes in dental work that deals with the intricacy of smile corrections. Corrections like an uneven bite, misalignment, or malocclusions.

Where can I find an Orthodontist North Miami?

Comparing and Contrasting a Dentist and an Orthodontist


The most common similarity between a dentist and orthodontist is both undergo the same formal education. As stated earlier, both professions are primarily centered on how to improve the dental health of the patient. However, they are both specialized in different directions.


Similarities between a dentist and orthodontist are few when compared to their differences. Aside from formal education, orthodontists undergo training in a residency program for specialization. This requires an aspiring orthodontist to spend extra time getting a post-dental degree.

Apart from education, another difference is that an orthodontist offers oral care that focuses on corrective dental issues using advanced tools and devices. Some of the notable responsibilities an orthodontist performs are the following:

  • Interpreting difficult dental radiographs that regulate the growth patterns of the dental and skeletal structure of your mouth
  • Dealing with dental devices like retainers, clear aligners, and ceramic or metal braces
  • Help you maintain proper jaw alignment and proper teeth
  • Intervention during an early age to eliminate any aggressive orthodontic treatments that may develop
  • Specializes in dental and facial growth or development

Although an orthodontist is primarily focused on addressing malocclusions and other dental alignment issues, he or she can still perform general dentistry.

Where can I find an Orthodontist North Miami?

When to Visit an Orthodontist in North Miami

As suggested by the American Association of Orthodontics, children should have regular visits to the orthodontist at least once before they reach seven years old. By allowing an orthodontist to examine your kid’s teeth and mouth, he or she can avoid complex cases such as misalignment of jaw or teeth, underbite, overbite, tooth spacing, overcrowding, and a crooked smile.

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